Metal Roofs

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Metal Roofs

Time for a new roof?

A safe, secure, and water-proof roof is one of the most important features in ensuring the foundational security of your home. Don’t let the investment of a new roof scare you away. Buckling shingles, mold, or water damage can spread quickly from your roof and into seep into plaster or decay the frame of your home.

Metal is a high performing roofing material that will last you for decades. The modern style of metal roofing is hard to surpass. Choose from a huge variety of materials like zinc, aluminum, steel or copper. The looks are endless with an assortment of colors, finishes, and even shapes.

Union Property also offers repair options, with consultations to narrow down the exact needs of your home. Roofing replacing and repairs are just two of the renovation services that we offer at Union Properties!

An even cooler metal roof

Common Symptoms

These are just a few of the signs that you need to contact us for service:

  • Buckling or loose shingles
  • Storm-damaged roof that's vulnerable to structural damage
  • Tree-branch penetration
  • Mold and water damage
  • Desire for a longer-lasting roof solution

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A customer wrote:

Very professional and respectful company. Quality of work far exceeded our expectations. Fixed our roof leak and plastered our ceiling on time and in budget.

NF, Marysville

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