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Time for a Countertop Upgrade!

Burns, erosion, cracks, stains, or even just daily use can dull and sadden the look of the countertops in your kitchen or bathrooms. After years of wear and tear, it may be time to replace and revamp those worn-out countertops into something refreshed and renewed.

The fear of expenses comes with any remodel process, but don’t worry! With the help of Union Properties, you will be able to find the exact color and texture that you are looking for to match your current cabinets or appliances, rather than replacing them!

This is a big project, but we won’t leave the job half-finished! We are prepared to complete the look of your kitchen or bathroom, backsplash and all.

Types of Countertops

We have a huge variety of countertops available for you to choose from! These can include affordable butcherblock boards, natural concrete slabs, or scratch-resistant granite. We are available to point you in the direction of material that will meet both your needs and wants.

A countertop remodel is just one on the many home renovation services we offer at Union Properties.

small bathroom countertopCustom wooden slab countertop

Common Symptoms

These are just a few of the signs that you need to contact us for service:

  • Burned or stained countertop
  • Cracked and broken edges
  • Outdated style that reduces value of the home
  • Damaged surfaces that harbor dirt and bacteria
  • Clashing color or laminate that doesn't fit newer appliances

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A customer wrote:

I have been working with Brett and his amazing crew at Union Properties for several years now. Our jobs have been from major renovations to minor service calls. They have done a wonderful job each and every time with a fun and positive attitude. Truly, one of the best decisions I have made as a property manager was to team up with Brett Dell, of Union Properties.

JB, Fort Gratiot

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