Gutters, Downspouts, & Gutter Gaurds

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Gutters, Downspouts, & Gutter Gaurds

Gutters, Downspouts, and Gutter Guards!

Rain, rain, go away… please come back another day. No need for this nursery rhyme anymore! With the help of Union Properties, you will be protected from every type of Michigan’s unpredictable weather, even rain and storms!

Protect the foundation of your home and keep water damage at bay with gutter and down spout installation. When installed correctly and professionally, there’s no need to worry about water pooling close to your home. When clear of clogs, downspouts will keep your rain drainage system working efficiently and effectively.

Choose from an assortment of styles and materials from k-style to box, aluminum to galvanized, and find exactly what matches the look of your home.

Limit the upkeep of your gutters by calling Union Properties to install gutter guards around your house! Gutter guards will not only prevent clogs of debris from preventing proper drainage, but it will save you lots of dirty work during the year in clearing and cleaning the pipes.

Gutter, down spout, and gutter guard installation are just a few of the remodel and renovation services that we offer at Union Properties!

Large home with downspoutssmaller home with downspouts

Common Symptoms

These are just a few of the signs that you need to contact us for service:

  • Clogged gutters leading to water overflows
  • Broken or bent gutters, missing downspouts
  • Easily or frequently clogged downspouts
  • Small seedlings sprouting from your gutters (often visible from the ground)
  • Rapid overflow during thunderstorms

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A customer wrote:

Brett and his team did a fantastic job with the renovation of my house. He was very open, and had a consistent timeline. I would highly recommend this company!

JS, Fort Gratiot

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