Custom Aluminum Siding

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Custom Aluminum Siding

Custom Aluminum Siding

The look and value of your home can change drastically with an investment into the siding of your home. A tired, dirty house can be visually unappealing, so don’t wait! It may be time to replace your siding with aluminum, an excellent alternative to the standard vinyl.

wAluminum siding can save you future costs in replacements, while allowing you to be creative in looks and appeal! Aluminum siding can last up to 35 years. It holds strong against the weather and is resistant against insects and fires. It will also provide you with excellent insulation, saving you money on your monthly heat bill.

From vertical to horizontal formats, Union Properties can customize the look you are striving for. We can match siding to your current color or look for something new and bold. Aluminum requires minimal maintenance and can easily be repainted through the years.

Don’t forget about window wrapping for extra protection against Michigan weather. No need to worry, we offer that too.

Aluminum siding is just one of the many remodeling services that we offer at Union Properties!

Large home exteriorclose-up siding and custom entry roof

Common Symptoms

These are just a few of the signs that you need to contact us for service:

  • Cracked, worn, sagging vinyl siding
  • Wooden trim panels that are rotting or need too-frequent painting
  • Storm-damaged siding, dented or missing
  • Outdated siding color or appearance reduces home value
  • Desire for a no-maintenance and long-lasting exterior siding solution

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A customer wrote:

Always very professional and prompt! They make it very easy to work with them. And you can trust they are going to do the job right!

KO, St. Clair

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